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Leah's Voice is a fictional story that touches on the difficulties children encounter when they meet a child with special needs such as autism.

Siblings may find it difficult to explain to their friends, or feel disappointed when their friends aren't more understanding. Leah's Voice tells the story of two sisters facing these challenges. Through her kindness and devotion, one sister teaches by example the importance of including everyone and showing acceptance.

Published October 6, 2012 by Halo Publishing International.

Lori DeMonia

Lori DeMonia

Lori was born and raised in a western suburb of Cleveland, OH. After graduating from Cleveland State University and marrying her husband Matthew, she worked in marketing and lived in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Their oldest daughter, Leah, was diagnosed at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital with Autism Spectrum Disorder when she was 2 years old.

Lori has worked in behavioral health as a TSS, therapeutic staff support, with special needs children for more than 5 years.

She is also a parent consultant with PEAC - The Pennsylvania Education for All Coalition, an organization that supports inclusive classroom placement for special needs children. Her daughter's inclusion in the regular educational setting as well as summer camp has been a major contributor to her progress. Children with different abilities being included among their peers at school and in their community is something she strongly supports.

Her articles have appeared in Spectrums Magazine, The Autism Notebook Magazine, Autism Matters Magazine and Autism Spectrum Quarterly.

Monique Turchan

Monique Turchan

Monique is a graduate from The Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. She draws her inspiration from children's books, different cultures around the world, and she enjoys to challenge herself with each new project. Monique is always looking for new ways to hone her skills as an Illustrator and a Designer.

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